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Fish Tacos

Posted by J.R. Ruiz on

Fish tacos for Easter. Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? Well, at least I thought it was. A few years ago,  the creative team and I were talking about an outreach we could do to reach people on Easter. I had the thought that leading up to Easter, one of the most observed days is Good Friday. And since we live in a city with a lot of people that observe Good Friday and chose to eat fish on that day instead of other meats, I thought,  “BRILLIANT! “We can pre-order fish tacos from a local restaurant and then have people go out in twos (like Jesus sent out his followers) to take fish tacos to the neighborhood. We’ll make signs that say ‘FREE FISH TACOS’ and have people stand by the street and just watch them come in droves.” Nope, it did not happen. I think some of our volunteers took so many fish tacos home that they grew gills. You might be thinking, “Pastor, why would you tell us about such a bad outreach idea?”. I'll tell you why. I was out handing out invite cards for this Easter and gave one to a man at a shopping center. He looked at it and said thank you. Then, you guessed it, he said “Hey, you guys are the church over by Little Anita’s right?” I said yes. “Yeah, you guys were giving out fish tacos one year for Good Friday and I stopped and got some. I thought, how nice of these people.”

Even though the Fish Taco idea stunk (literally) there was at least one person that had a moment of being grateful for a simple gift. Sometimes we think that it takes a lot to get people to think about God and coming to church. In reality all it takes a simple act of kindness or an invite. We have two more weeks before Easter. Grab some invite cards, buy some fish tacos (maybe not) and pray and see what God does with a simple invite.